Reflections on my visit to Headmistress Nadine’s Triple Fun Day

What a day, what a visit and what a time getting there, this was a life changing event for me and I showed my commitment to the cause, and my conviction in Headmistress Nadine`s methods and determination to train me was strengthened.

Arranging time away was always going to be difficult. I told everyone I was going to a cycling course in Glasgow. I would leave Monday morning, drive down, and return Wednesday evening, but in reality I would fly down from Inverness to Birmingham and then by car to Coventry. But the heavens opened on Sunday night and we had some of the worst snowfalls for many years. The snowploughs had cleared the roads and Inverness airport was due to re-open at 12:30. I passed through security, Headmistress had let me remove my CB for this and once I was through I quickly put it back on. As I waited in the airport, I  heard weather reports of Glasgow getting cut off by the snow and flights from Inverness were still being cancelled and then my worst nightmare. Standing in front of me was my niece and her husband. They were flying out to London but their flights kept getting cancelled, what would I say and do. I told them I had to turn back from Glasgow and that my work had found another course for me to go on. Next I had to let the rest of my family know the same story. It was a pathetic story and the times were not possible for the events to happen but I was hoping nobody would even try to match up events. My heart and mind were in a panic, I thought I had wrecked my life, but there was no going back. Eventually the snow was cleared from the runway, I boarded, and the plane was de-iced and we took off after an hour’s delay. I only had hand luggage with me and to save space I had to wear my uniform including blazer, which meant I had to keep my jacket on as well, this all made for a rather uncomfortable flight. My mind was all over the place with the stupid excuses I had been telling everyone, I felt sick. Looking back it would have been great if my mind had been on the Academy. I could have gone through school work at the airport and on the plane. I would have been in the right frame of mind for what lay ahead. At last the plane landed and I contacted the driver Headmistress had sent. I was not allowed to speak to him nor was I supposed to speak to anyone other than the Mistresses over the course of the next few days. Being new to this I thought it was standard practice for males not to speak to each other but this was to apply only to me.

On arrival at Headmistress`s Academy I was shown my room and I was given something to eat, whilst I ate I gave Headmistress my “12 days of Christmas” presents, she appreciated the thought and told me she had her own 12 Days for tomorrow, she had also been shopping and bought me a Maids uniform, I could not believe all the trouble and the kindness she was showing to me. I really appreciated all the hard work and thoughtfulness that went into everything she did to make my adherence to her policies as professional as possible. After dinner I changed into my Maids uniform and had to wash the dishes and do some ironing. I was surprised at how good I looked in the Maids uniform and how much I enjoyed doing the dishes and talking to Headmistress. The ironing on the other hand was a chore. It seemed to take me ages to do any of it, and even then I don`t think I was doing a very good job. I didn`t manage to get it finished before bed-time at 9pm. Being told to go to bed at 9pm was humiliating, but it emphasised  Headmistress`s control and I liked that feeling. I was also cuffed at the ankle to the bed with a long chain. The chain was long but kept slipping off the bed on to the floor and so would tighten, it was uncomfortable but I would have to get used to it. I tried to relax and forget about my mistakes today as I didn`t want to spoil my visit, but they kept re- emerging and disrupting my focus. Headmistress Nadine released me in the morning and I got dressed into my uniform, I was punished and had to wear two shirts and ties all day. It was very uncomfortable but at least I did not have to hide or worry that someone would see me and it felt so good. I ran a bubble bath for Headmistress and warmed the toilet seat. If only every day could be like this one, I thought. I then made her a coffee and was given a test to do whilst she had her bath. The test was just under 100 questions long and had to be completed in an hour with a pass mark of 50%. The questions were quite easy to start with but as the test progressed they became progressively more difficult and ended up being virtually impossible to answer. However I was hoping I had done enough to avoid any serious punishment. Headmistress had planned for me to do all the cooking, baking, and other kitchen chores today and so supplied me with a lovely pink apron to keep my uniform smart. Headmistress explained each chore and how she wanted the dinner to be made. It felt wonderful to be in domestic servitude cooking and cleaning.

Head Girl, Mistress Ice arrived and looked very beautiful and had a charming smile. Finally all three were in place when Head Prefect, Lady Omega entered, she had a very dominating presence and captivated my attention whenever she spoke. I made drinks for the Mistresses but my etiquette was very poor, I think the strain of the previous day combined with nerves made me forget everything. I felt terrible for Headmistress as I had let her down. I did help Lady Omega with her seat which I loved doing. The Mistresses retired upstairs to prepare themselves for their day ahead leaving me to carry on with baking a loaf of bread and a carrot cake, making the dinner and washing up.

On their return I was blown away by their presence, my mind went blank, I didn`t know how to behave or what to do, I so much wanted to be a part of it all but I didn`t know how. I had imagined I would be taken separately by each Mistress for training. However this was to be a group session. Headmistress had themed the day around Xmas and the main part was “The 12 days of Christmas” punishments starting with one vicious Viper and going up from there. Due to my lack of experience, Headmistress had decided not to include me in this but she kept threatening to do it later with me. Instead I was told to strip and was zipped up in a latex bag and suspended from the ceiling like some giant gothic Christmas decoration. I was blindfolded, teased and tormented by the Mistresses for an hour, I think, it was difficult to keep track of time. I have to admit I was glad to be in the suspension bag as I heard the ever increasing number of strokes being delivered to the other participants. I was grateful for Lady Omega`s attention as I was feeling a bit left out. I listened closely to each Mistress and how they administered the strokes. Headmistress Nadine seemed to be thoroughly enjoying the afternoon her enthusiasm was obvious and she was intent on making sure each stroke was a good one. She was very quick to ad lib and adapts punishments to suit different people and situations and a punishment from her is never straight forward. It may contain surprises, so always be ready to expect the unexpected. Lady Omega`s strokes seemed to be the hardest and she showed no mercy or easing up. My torment continued with suction cups being applied to my chest, but the hairs got in the way.  Headmistress said she would wax it later, which I am glad to say that she never did. When I was eventually lowered down, my hands had gone numb and as I touched the bed below it felt as though I was melting. Back into my uniform, and back to domestic duties, the Mistresses teased me about the easy time I had and how it would soon be my turn.

As the Mistresses relaxed at dining table I made them drinks.  I iced the carrot cake which turned out a bit of a disaster as I foolishly thought I was making two cakes but Headmistress told me one was to go on top of the other. Mistress Ice amused herself by hitting a slave with a riding crop every time he moved, I wished it had been me as she was obviously enjoying it by the sparkle in her eyes and the attention she paid to make sure she saw if the  slave moved in the slightest. Perhaps next time Headmistress will have me recite the school rules whilst she sits in front of me encouraging me not to hesitate or make any mistakes. As the Mistresses finished their meal, Headmistress`s attention turned to me and she seemed quite pleased that she could immediately think of three infractions that I had committed that deserved a caning. This meant 6 of the best from each Mistress. I was told to bend over a stool, it was a stool that Headmistress had re upholstered, and I liked that for some weird reason. Headmistress reminded me to say thank you for each stroke. Although I could not see who was delivering each caning, after listening to the previous session intensely, it had been etched in my memory how each Mistress administered a punishment. Headmistress went first and she set the tempo for the rest, each blow was near to my limit and I was thankful she did not have to re administer any. I managed to say “thank you Headmistress” each time and I was really grateful that I could now play my part in their day. Head Girl Mistress Ice delivered the next six, I thought hers would not be as bad, but I was mistaken, I was dreading Head Prefect, Lady Omega, as she was in training and judging from my time in the latex bag she seemed to hold little back. I found it difficult to hold back the tears and at the same time say “thank you Head Prefect”. It took me longer and longer to say thank you and I could feel my voice cracking up. After the final stroke I stood up in front of the Mistresses I could feel my eyes moist. I knew I would behave better in future, as I know next time it would be far worse. As a further punishment each Mistress would give me an essay to write. The Mistresses then left to freshen up and left the rest of us to write our speeches for the Academy awards, I had also to continue with my baking, cleaning and cooking.

The day concluded with the Academy Awards ceremony, the Mistresses took their seats with the rest of us cross legged on the floor. The first two speeches were excellent, I sort of faltered through mine but I was so pleased and honoured that Headmistress had taken the time and interest to do this, I gave the best I could do. It was a great idea and the perfect end to a very taxing day for me. My brain was overloaded with new experiences and situations. I kissed each of the Mistresses hands to say thank you and goodbye as Mistress Ice had to leave. I hope at some time in the future I can get some practical tuition on etiquette so that Headmistress can be proud of my behaviour.

Headmistress and Head Prefect were going out that night, so I was chained in the kitchen. The chain was just long enough to reach the kitchen sink so I could clean up, long enough to reach the cooker so that I could prepare dinner, long enough to reach the ironing board so that I could finish my laundry duties and enough chain to let me sit at the table and get on with my homework. I was chained up for four hours. I managed to write one essay, do all the cooking and cleaning and it took me 30 minutes to remove all the dog hair from Headmistress`s clothes. The Mistresses returned and I presented Lady Omega with her essay. She thanked me but I had a feeling I would be getting more work from her as she likes things to be done exactly her way and I was sure she would find some faults. Today had been like a dream, my best ever dream and it was not over yet.

That night I spent locked in a long cage on the floor, Headmistress had put a couple of rugs over the bars on the floor of the cage so that they did not dig in too much and she gave me a duvet to wrap round myself. She wished me good night and told me as I wouldn`t get much sleep to reflect on my poor behaviour today and to expect to be severely punished tomorrow. As I lay in the cage I felt so lucky but at the same time I was worried about how my excuses might cause problems when I got home. If only the weather hadn`t been as bad, it was spoiling my enjoyment, I managed to get some sleep, but I did hear Headmistress come in during the night to check on me. The next day I ran a bath, warmed the toilet seat and made coffee for Headmistress, I was beginning to imagine what it would be like to do this every day. I also made tea for Lady Omega who then had to leave.

Wednesday is panties and PE day and I had to do my exercises in front of Headmistress for the first time, all her training had paid off and I managed to carry out my exercises to her satisfaction, maybe next time she will use the crop to encourage me still further. I was then tested on my knowledge of the School Rules, I was a bit exhausted after my exercising and still nervous so messed up on the rules. Headmistress was obviously annoyed and gave me 500 lines for each rule I got wrong, 2500 lines for Friday, this was impossible I later asked for an extension which she granted but I reckoned that these lines would take around 20-25 hours to write plus I still had two essays to write. Headmistress took me into Coventry to print out my boarding pass, I finally managed to display some etiquette by opening doors etc. I felt so proud to do this and would love to be given the opportunity to display some more. On our return I was given time to pack and then report for punishment. For failure to show proper respect I was given two mouth soaping I was almost sick and the acidic nature of the soap was burning my mouth, Headmistress`s then very kindly let me brush my teeth with some liquid hand soap. Today I found out that Headmistress is fond of numbers, and by adding the numbers of the rules I got wrong, this was going to be the number of strokes of the cane I was going to receive, unfortunately for me this came to 60. Headmistress wasted no time delivering each blow which pushed my pain threshold some blows were delivered in quick succession, and by the end I was left with a beautiful striped bottom, my first ever, and one I was so proud of. I was then sent outside to sit on a stool and allowed to play, strangely I did not want to or perhaps it wasn`t so strange. My mind was all over the place and I was worried, I was uncertain, I was a novice, I was inexperienced and I was sitting outside a dungeon on a punishment stool in my uniform reading a fetish magazine and being told to play. It came time to go I thanked Headmistress and her driver took me to the airport. I thought as I was travelling back home, if everything was OK  next time if I got to come back, I would make sure I would be better prepared and would be able to perform and enjoy the occasion more.

My flight home was relatively uneventful. I had the 1 mile walk through the snow to my car, I then had to get changed out of my uniform in the dark car park in the snow, with the temperature at -8. Back home everything was OK and so far the excuses are holding up. The punishment lines really pushed me and my hand kept cramping up and they took so long to complete but I have to admit I thoroughly deserved each line. The 12 days of Xmas will forever hold a special meaning for me and perhaps Burns night will conjure new images.

Schoolboy Dave

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