The Summons

I had been summoned to attend Mistress Nadine’s premises recently, and I knew that there was to be a guest Mistress; Mistress Ice. I arrived on time, Mistress let me in. Mistress was dressed in thigh length boots, seamed black stockings, suspender-belt and a red pvc corset dress. Mistress invited me into her downstairs bondage room…where Mistress Ice was relaxing. I immediately took her hand to kiss the back of it then dropped to my knees to kiss her boots. Looking up I admired her attire which consisted of 6inch high, side laced thigh boots, black stockings, short black gladiator skirt which was topped was a tight laced boned pvc corset. A true Amazonian Scandinavian beauty with a body to match.
I presented gifts. For my Mistress Nadine a bouquet of lillies, one of her favourite flowers, and for Mistress Ice a single red rose. A fine bottle of wine and an individual present for Mistress Nadine…a toy for her Chambers and for Mistress Ice a black pvc cupless body.
I was then told to go upstairs to Mistress Nadine’s Chambers to prepare myself, and select a slave collar. I returned to the bondage room, the collar was attached and I was told to greet Mistress Nadine. I dropped to the floor kissing the floor between my Mistress’s feet, and then passionately kissing my Mistress’s boot clad legs. I had an envelope in my mouth, Mistress removed it and looked amused as she read my notes, which she then passed to Mistress Ice. The greeting process was then repeated with Mistress Ice.
I was led upstairs to the Chambers and strapped tightly into the bondage chair, nipple clamps were attached. Mistress then thread the clamps chain through the D ring in my collar. A blindfold was placed over my eyes. I was totally helpless… I couldn’t move nor could I see. My senses were on overload. I was at the mercy of two very strong dominant sadists.
I heard footsteps leaving the room and then a door opening, I realised additional guest/s were arriving! Footsteps coming up the stairs I tried to count how many to no avail…my mind was jumping all over the place. What had I let myself in for? My nipples were the first part of my body to be tormented. But by whom? Which Mistress, or was it the ‘guest‘? Was it both of them? The clamp chain was being pulled, stretching my nipple. A gloved hand spread my cheeks and inserted an electric butt plug then a hand encased my balls in a spiked parachute which was then snapped into place. I felt a heavy weight being attached, the spikes began digging in and then I was told to ring Mistress’s bell. The electrical current was turned on…oh my I was in slave heaven.
After a period of time I was removed from the bondage chair and told to get on the floor. My ankles were cuffed and a spreader bar attached, my blindfold was then removed as was the parachute and my weight. I had a cock gag fitted and then Mistress fixed her humbler on me. At this point I was feeling very uncomfortable, the electrics had been increased, my balls were being stretched and squashed behind my thighs. To increase my discomfort a chain was attached to the spreader bar and legs were hoisted into the air. I was now at my most vulnerable, my punishment had begun. I received a twin tailed flogger to the soles of my feet, the suede flogger caressed my body, alternating with the riding crop. It was one of the most delightful experiences I have had. When the day ended I was mentally, emotionally and physically drained. To both, Mistress Nadine and Mistress Ice I say “thank you”.

Your humble servant Slave-dave121 and now also 104.

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