The Kidnap

It was with some trepidation that I took my place in the cafe at Coventry Station last Thursday evening. It was rush hour, the station busy and, outside, it was beginning to snow hard. The promised winter storm had come early, and later that night, I had a long drive home. But the snow wasn’t my only concern. I had agreed to meet with a stranger here, a lady who I knew only as Nadine and with whom I was to have a "conference" regarding a large knitwear order her company were going to manufacture for me - at least that was what I had been told. Knitwear, wool, are a big part of my life. I was wearing a very thick and soft sample of my wares even as I waited...

When she walked in she recognised me immediately. That should have aroused my suspicions - after all, we had never met before, but I was so glad to see her that any anxiety immediately dissipated. Nadine, as she called herself, was friendly, pleasant. As we walked through the snow to her car then set off for the meeting venue, I was completely at my ease.

Then we swung off the road into the deserted car park of an unlit building. We're early, she reassured me. Good, I thought, always best to be early -

It started with the chair, my arms wrenched behind, wrists tied tight. I was hooded, gagged, disorientated and confused by a mad car ride to god knows where. I was afraid, I didn't know where I was, what was expected of me. There were slaps, demands to know the code for my Swiss Bank account. There were threats of water boarding, electric shock, and worse. 

From the chair, I was dragged to a cage, forced to my knees, hands lashed behind my back, ankles bound, bruised from the bars on which I knelt. 

And there were still long, long hours to come...

You want to be kidnapped? Bound, intimidated, genuinely frightened even though you know it's a game; give Mistress Nadine a call. She will listen to your secret fantasies, and she will make them come true? Nadine works hard to fulfil your desires. She prepares carefully and will take you to the place you want to go, then she will take you deeper, to places you didn't realise that you wanted to visit.

To sum up  I will misquote Oscar Wilde: "There is one thing more deliciously terrifying than not having your darker wishes come true, and that is to have them come true."

As for me...I will most certainly be visiting Mistress Nadine again, because I think there are more of those laces I need to visit.

The Wool Man

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