Slave David's third session

Recently my work has taken me to the West Midlands. This has afforded me the opportunity of visiting Mistress Nadine, which I did for the third time yesterday. As was the case on the previous occasions, the two hours were packed with too many delights to mention them all, so I will pick out a few.

Prior to my visit, I had shared my love for the Rubex femdom illustrations featuring cruel rubber nurses. When the door opened on my arrival, I was met by my most thrilling fantasy made reality before my eyes!

The session commenced with some worship, on my hands and knees, of Mistress Nadine's high heeled shoes and rubber stockinged legs, during which at one point my head was powerfully gripped and I was given some hints as to the fates that awaited me. These really pushed all the buttons of my darkest fantasies. I was immediately plunged in to sub space.

In my experience Mistress Nadine really gets inside your head and works out the nature of your particular perversions with devastating accuracy. This was especially impressive as I learned after the session of recent events in Mistress Nadine's personal life that would have made it very understandable had she adopted a "going through the motions" approach to my visit. The reality was far from that.

I'll give a little example of her skill in that respect. I had brought along some heavy industrial rubber gloves that, given the nature of my fetish, I find particularly thrilling, especially in the context of being anally violated by a Mistress who is wearing them.

Mistress Nadine used these gloves during the session while I was completely inverted and couldn't see what was about to happen. So, they were slapped down to rest on my upturned anus while Mistress Nadine prepared herself to abuse me. Result? An electric thrill of anticipation in me as I realized what was coming. A typically skilful touch on Mistress Nadine's part.

At one point during the two hours I ended up bound to a bondage table and, I think, slightly inverted - Mistress Nadine had covered the lenses of the gas mask that I was wearing and the skill with which I had been transitioned through a number of positions while being tormented was disorientating.

I was breathing poppers through the gas mask, did I mention that Mistress Nadine is brilliant at breath control and related aspects? Mistress Nadine was simultaneously tormenting my cock with electrified loops while sliding an electric sound in to and out of it that attracted the current in all sorts of "interesting" ways and abusing and stretching my slut hole with her gloved hand. All with some thrilling "verbals" thrown in.

I would describe the few minutes that passed in this way as by far and away the closest that I have ever come to a spiritual experience. I'm not sure where I was but it was a lovely place. I believe that I was seeing things in my darkness. I hope I didn't offend any religious sensibilities that Mistress Nadine might have because I said "Oh God!" a great many times in my gas mask.

Towards the end of my session, Mistress Nadine was testing my pain threshold while at the same time making sure that I could see her sadistic delight through my gas mask lenses. I would describe myself as a submissive rather than a masochist in that I don't feel that I enjoy pain but my submissive side gives me a desire to "take it" for my beautiful, sadistic Mistress. I wouldn't feel that I was being submissive if there wasn't some ordeal involved. Mistress Nadine understands this aspect of my perversion very well.

During this period of the session she was describing to me the more extreme places that we could go with this pain play. At that moment I was so intoxicated with the vision of her inflicting suffering on me that I believe I would have happily gone along with everything she was saying had she, at that point, introduced it in to the session.

In summary, I would say that Mistress Nadine is a lovely lady and a true professional, in all the best senses of that word. Have no fear that her loveliness can show itself in giving you some serious treatment if that's what your heart desires and needs. Her professionalism shows herself in that she is exceptionally skilful at what she does and fully commits herself to it.

I would urge anybody who is blessed (I see it as such) with a fetish for female domination in its many forms, don't go to the grave wondering "What would it have been like?". I think it's entirely appropriate when pro dommes refer to themselves as therapists because experiences such as I had yesterday evening do more to maintain me in a state of good mental health than any amount of counselling or other therapies would.

God bless them I say and God bless Mistress Nadine and pooh to all the hypocrites who say otherwise.

Slave David – October 24th 2013

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