An extended session with Mistress Nadine

As I had not visited Mistress for some time I arrived in Radford with a sense of trepidation. However I was greeted like an old friend and invited to enjoy a coffee and a chat before our session began. I gave Mistress a bunch of red roses, 200 cigarettes and two bottles of spirits for her to enjoy.
The session began with my being sent to the dungeon and told to strip completely and prepare myself to greet her in the manner that she expects. As Mistress entered the dungeon she looked more beautiful than ever in fishnet tights, one of her gorgeous corsets and a short skirt. After amply worshipping Mistresses open shoes, feet and legs I was invited to remove Mistress Nadine's skirt - a privelege for which I was soon to suffer.

Mistress quickly produced a butt plug, which she lubricated, before thrusting it up my anus and strapping it in place with a harness that she belted so tightly that it was painful. I was then strapped onto one of her bondage chairs and Mistress applied some clover clamps to my nipples. Foolishly I smiled - I love nipple torture - but I soon regretted it. The clamps were removed and Mistress bit my nipples until water came to my eyes. I was then given some much more severe clamps to wear. However it was not just my nipples that were to suffer - soon Mistress was forcing my balls into a parachute device from which she suspended her weighty bell. Surely Mistress thought I was enduring enough pain - but no. She next began to arouse my rather small cock so that it was possible to stick electrodes onto its shaft. These were then kept in place by the application of gaffer tape bound tightly round my engorged willy. The current was switched on and Mistress smiled as I suffered. Mistress Nadine left the dungeon and headed to the bathroom where she proceeded to soak a pair of her knickers with a copious amount of her golden nectar.

Mistress returned carrying her soaked knickers that smelt strongly of her urine. The bell was removed and I was released from the chair and forced to put on her soaking underwear. Imagine my horror when Mistress announced that I was to put my trousers and shirt on as we were to go shopping. The knickers were so wet that they would have soiled my trousers. In a rare act of mercy, Mistress placed me in an adult nappy and left me to dress - still wearing a butt plug, harness, parachute, electrodes and nipple clamps. The cables I was to pass out of the top of my trousers. Thus dressed I was placed into Mistress Nadine's car, with Mistressholding a cane to be used for my correction, with the e-stim set on 4. Mistress then announced that we were going to Fetters so that I could purchase her a gift.

<more to follow>

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Caged slave admires Mistress legs