A first kidnap session with Mistress Nadine

It is now Friday and I am slowly coming down from a fantastic 24 hours with You.    The whole event was everything that I had dreamed of, and a bit more as well!   I still carry a few rope marks even today :))

When we first spoke I asked whether You would want to see me for a session beforehand, but You suggested that would not be necessary.  In the event,   You read me like an open book and seemed to know exactly what to do to push all my buttons.

The takedown was swift and efficient, despite my late arrival, and then the drive in the back of your car - into the unknown....   The cross was hard work, but when you took me downstairs and put me in the adjustable chair, I realised that Your ropework was going to be a real challenge from which to escape.  You suggested I try and then added something to make it more difficult :))   And then the Chinese prisoner rope tie and the three legged chair.   I have relived that so many times this week... along with the CBT.   I am a newcomer to what You were doing in this area, and it is something that I need to explore more.   I did get the counter up to 12 on Tuesday morning,  I need to make it all the way to the top!!

The bench upstairs gave me a chance to take stock and drift slowly, and then you released me and brought me some soup - thank You.  It was then that I took matters into my own hands and did some self bondage.  I hope You did not mind;  what made it even better was that You then added to it to make it hard work, and that tie on Monday evening was just that!

You then spoiled me rotten :)   with Your negligee, the shackles and the lovely meal downstairs, and then You gave me Your bed, for which I am truly grateful, particularly when You left me tied hand and foot.  I did sleep well, although I was still excited about where I was, what was happening and what was to happen.

The following morning it was me playing with rope again, and then You turned the tables and tied me very tightly on the landing.  I nearly said it was too tight when you pulled up the hoist, but I wanted the pressure and the pain at that point.   It was a fitting climax to an awesome 24 hours.



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Caged slave admires Mistress legs